The five FAA-approved best commercial flight schools in 2023

These are the five FAA-approved best commercial flight schools, by the number of successful students, employment opportunities, educational resources, and study time

Do you dream of being an airline pilot?  Do you know if you are over 16 years old, you only need to complete several flight hours and pass the FAA test to get your aviation certificate?

If you attend an FAA-certified flight school, youll have a better opportunity of getting a pilot’s license, and you’ll have a more chance of finding your dream job. Certified schools offer better infrastructure, the necessary equipment, and highly qualified staff. Find out here which are the best private flight schools.

Acknowledged as the best in the USA by the Best National University Rankings; is the Purdue University School of Aviation, one of the best commercial flight schools, well-Know for contributions to aeronautical research. Their students get solid training with more than 1000 flight hours, and thanks to the network of connections of this school, they have access to the best job offers.

After is the University of North Dakota, which holds the national record for light training programs flying 126,000 hours. It has more than 100 aircraft and simulators for the practices of its students. The private or commercial pilot certificate is obtained.

Now, if you want a quick course that allows you to enter the job market quickly as possible, the best commercial flight school is the ATP Flight School, founded by pilots 35 years ago. It is present in 31 states and has an accelerated teaching program.

Another suitable option is Spartan College, you can graduate in seventeen months, and it has trained more than 100,000 pilots since 1920. School with lots of industry connections.

If you are also interested in solid training in aeronautical engineering, among the best commercial flight schools, we found the Ohio State University. You graduate as a pilot but with great academic knowledge, this is highly valued by the industry.


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